Psychopaths Bot

Everything you need, in one bot!

Creative Welcome Messages

Beautify your Discord server with our bot and its totally customizable welcome and goodbye system! Welcome and greet members with unique messages and embeds, leveraging dynamic variables. Make your server even more welcoming and engaging with ease!

Customizable Verification System

Improve the security of your Discord server with our bot and its fully customizable verification system! Choose between instant verification, number verification and captcha verification to control new member access with tailored procedures. Use dynamic variables and custom messages for a unique experience. Keep your community safe and secure with ease!

Guaranteed Fun

Add fun to your Discord server with our bot and its built-in minigames! Offer your members a variety of games to entertain and socialize. Create an engaging and dynamic environment where having fun together is easy and immediate!

Easy Ticket System

Optimize support in your Discord server with our ticketing system! Manage member requests and issues efficiently with dedicated tickets. Stay organized and resolve issues quickly, improving your community experience!

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